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Keep the House Blue 2020!
2020 House Ratings
2020 House Ratings
Harley Rouda, Mike Levin, and Katie Hill need our help to turn Congress blue!
Donate $1 to each of these candidates to Get Out The Vote and work in a new Democratic Congress to protect and expand Social Security benefits. (PCCC) Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
48 Hour Fundraising Drive
Support to "Keep It Blue" #KeepItBlue 2020
Front-Runner Blue Candidates
Support Harley Rouda for CA-48.
Turn the House Blue!
2018 Grassroots Fundraising Drive
BE A CLIMATE VOTER: Democrats in tight races fighting climate change
Contribute Now to Reasonable choices Doug Edwards
2018 House and Senate
Grassroots Fundraising Drive for Harley Rouda for Congress
Forty House Seats To Freedom
Help elect CA Democrats to Congress!
Contribute Now to Harley Rouda and the Peace Action PAC
2018 Barack Obama's Endorsements James Dillon
Frisco's Turn the House BLUE 2018 Phil Francisco
48 days to flip the 48th
Mid-Term Margaritas! Contribute now! David Teeters / Dan Wood
Sanders Democrats SandersDemocrats.org
Stand with Earl Blumenauer to keep the Blue Wave going
House Tossups Impact Fund
538 Key House Races
Donate to Harley Rouda!
2018 Grassroots Fundraising Drive
Contribute Now to MikePAC Top House Picks Michael Rosenthal
Donate to California Democrats now!
Contribute Now to MikePAC Top Picks Michael Rosenthal
Take Back the House California
Help elect Harley Rouda in a critical House race!
Grassroots Fundraising Drive
Stop Stabbing America's Back Michael Dangermond
Tightest Ten: 2x Matching Challenge
Elect Harley Rouda
1 year of Grassroots Power
Grassroots Fundraising Drive for Harley Rouda for Congress
Grassroots Fundraising Drive for Harley Rouda for Congress
Fight The Smears. Stand with Harley
Help put Dana Balter, Katie Hill, and Harley Rouda in Congress! Paul Kawika Martin
538 House Tossups
Harley Rouda needs our help to turn Congress blue!
Support California Members
Re-Elect Harley Rouda. CA-48. Nov 3, 2020.
Progressives Everywhere for Democratic House Candidates
Funded by Humans
Stand with Harley Rouda!
Contribute Now to Those who take a stand Julie U
48 Hour Fundraising Drive
Let's Flip All the Things
Donate to Harley Rouda's congressional campaign in California's 48th. (PCCC) Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
Invest in candidates in winnable UNDECIDED swing districts and help reclaim the House of Representatives from Republicans.
2018 Republican House Seats We Can Flip James Dillon
Grassroots Fundraising Drive for Harley Rouda for Congress
Defend human and civil rights!