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Contribute Now to Tammy's in!
Patrick Leahy
474 $14,724.61
Contribute to Help Reelect Jeanne Sha...
Patrick Leahy
465 $13,129.00
Contribute Now to Support Al Franken!
Patrick Leahy
340 $15,524.12
Contribute Now to Support Jon Tester
Patrick Leahy
339 $8,669.65
Contribute Now to Support Sherrod Brown
Patrick Leahy
311 $10,954.00
Contribute to Patrick Leahy's Green M...
301 $9,112.00
Stand with Jeff Merkley
Patrick Leahy
229 $6,516.01
Contribute to Mark Begich
Patrick Leahy
223 $5,794.00
Support Michelle Nunn
Patrick Leahy
208 $5,764.28
Contribute Now to Support Senator Mar...
Senator Patrick Leahy's Green Mountai...
181 $13,104.50
Support Al Franken, A True Progressiv...
Patrick Leahy
170 $5,294.00
Stop a GOP takeover
Patrick Leahy
163 $4,153.00
Support Jeanne Shaheen
Patrick Leahy
155 $5,574.00
Contribute Now to Help Democrats Take...
Senator Patrick Leahy
154 $43,293.01
Contribute Now to Kay’s the Way to 60
Patrick Leahy
138 $6,826.72
Contribute to Mark Pryor
Patrick Leahy
137 $5,998.00
Contribute Now to Send Jeanne Shaheen...
Patrick Leahy
136 $8,113.39
Support Bruce Braley
Patrick Leahy
136 $3,030.90
Contribute Now to The Udall Caucus
Green Mountain PAC
119 $11,378.99
Contribute Now to Take Back Mississip...
Patrick Leahy
117 $7,920.00
Support Mark Udall
Patrick Leahy
114 $3,911.00
Contribute Now to Send Jim Martin to ...
Patrick Leahy
100 $5,905.00
Support Kay Hagan
Patrick Leahy
90 $4,007.50
Contribute Now to Help Al Franken and...
Patrick Leahy
77 $4,264.35
Support Michael Bennet
68 $1,818.00
Contribute Now to Support Jon Tester
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