In the time it took to read this, you could have started fundraising.

You only get so many big moments in online fundraising, and we know that your announcement is a major opportunity to drive donors your way. We can set up federal campaigns within hours and have you fundraising before the end of the day.

We actually answer the phone.

We love talking about online fundraising! Whether you want to get in touch via phone or email, we’re always here to help with the ActBlue toolset or online fundraising in general. Our staff has years of experience; we’re excited to share what we’ve seen and learn from you as well.

Simple Pricing

We only make money when you make money. We charge a flat 3.95% on each transaction. No monthly fees, setup fees, customization fees, or anything else. If you don’t raise any online money, you don’t pay us. We don’t believe in nickel and diming you for different features and tools, so every ActBlue tool is free. That means we have a strong incentive to make sure your contribution forms convert at a high rate.

Fundraising Dashboard

DashActBlue makes it easy for you to understand your donor data. Our fundraising dashboard lets you track your fundraising in real time and find out how donors connect to your organization. You’ll be able to track donor patterns, whether they’re giving from a mobile device or via PayPal, using ActBlue Express or making recurring donations. Using the dashboard, you can print clear reports for the rest of your team without running the data through a bunch of spreadsheets.

Express Accounts

At ActBlue we don’t think donors should have to type their fingers off every time they want to donate. That’s why we built ActBlue Express, which allows donors to save their information with us and donate at the touch of a button. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of ActBlue Express users, and they’re two times more likely to give than other donors.

PayPal Integration

PaypalMaking donors feel comfortable is a primary concern here at ActBlue. That’s why in addition to Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover we also accept donations via PayPal. It’s easy on you as well. You don’t need a PayPal account; you’ll get your PayPal money in your normal ActBlue check and your PayPal donor data in the same place as the rest of your donor data.

Prefilled Forms

PrefillRepeat donors are the bedrock of any fundraising effort, and ActBlue prefills their name, address, occupation and employer on our contribution form. Prefilling donor data increases conversion rates by 7%, and that makes it easier for you to pay the bills.

Mobile Contributions

Mobile-contributeAll ActBlue contribution forms automatically serve an optimized form to smart phones and other mobile devices. Mobile donations are the next frontier in online fundraising, and we’ve doubled mobile conversion rates across ActBlue.

Ticketed Events

EventActBlue event forms simplify the process of selling tickets at different price points and managing RSVPs. You can set ticket numbers, levels and amounts, and put together a guest list by printing out the list of donors who bought a ticket through the form.

Merchandise Sales

MerchActBlue merchandise forms make it simple for donors to pick out different pieces of merchandise and pay for it all in a single donation. Their purchases are incorporated into a spreadsheet that makes order fulfillment easy, so you can get your donors their yard signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts quickly.


When you ask for contributions to get an ad on the air, donors want to see it first! It’s easy to embed a YouTube video on an ActBlue contribution form. Donors can watch the video and give on the same screen, and views on your donation form increase your YouTube watch count.


ThermometerDonors love to know that they are part of a community of like-minded people working towards a goal. ActBlue thermometers provide an easy visual display of progress towards your fundraising goals. You can set dollar or donor goals, and the thermometer will track your progress automatically. The thermometer will appear on your contribution form, and can be embedded anywhere.

Data Integration

ActBlue integrates with all major vendors of campaign CRM software. ActBlue has real-time data integrations with Wired For Change and ActionKit, and you can import your data into Blue State Digital and NGP for fast and accurate compliance management.

Custom Styled Forms

BrandingActBlue makes it easy to give your donation form on ActBlue the look and feel of your website. We’ll match your color scheme and graphics so your donors will feel at home when they give through us.

Fast Fund Availability

ActBlue can get online money in your bank account and out the door faster than any other processor. For federal campaigns using ActBlue exclusively we offer wire transfers of online funds the day after the donor transaction is made. To keep this service free of charge we require that organizations have at least $5,000 in pending funds.

Recurring Contributions

All ActBlue contribution forms have a monthly recurring option. Donors love the option to budget their giving and you'll know how much money is projected to come in. With a 24-month forecast, you’ll be able to budget for the future with confidence.

Chargeback Management

It’s a fact of life that some donors will file a chargeback with their credit card company. When it happens, ActBlue takes care of all the paperwork and representing your side of the story to the credit card companies. Never worry about fighting a chargeback, we’ll handle it.