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Quick Setup

You only get so many big moments in digital fundraising. We can set up federal campaigns in minutes so you can start harnessing the power of the grassroots.

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Friendly Support

We know it’s always crunch time on a campaign. We actually answer the phone when you call and respond to every email we receive. And we’ll provide the same level of support for your donors.

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Express Lane

Donating has never been this easy. Express Lane is our single-click payment system that allows you to embed links in your fundraising emails. Increase your conversion rates by up to 200% by taking advantage of our 1 million+ Express user base.

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Mobile is the future of online fundraising. As in, more than a quarter of your business. We've invested in building the fastest, most mobile-optimized payment platform out there. Every Contribution Form is automatically mobile responsive.

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Customize our Contribution Forms in minutes to match your brand. Create an unlimited number of forms and change them up when you’re targeting different interest groups, or design a special branding for your clam bake fundraiser or inauguration party.

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A/B Tools

Challenge your assumptions. We provide built-in A/B tools for every Contribution Form, so you can test your way to higher conversion rates. And if you can think of a different test you want to run, we’re always ready and willing to help you set it up.

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Ticketed Events

We make online > offline interaction easier than ever. Set ticket prices and supporter levels, add event details, give each host their own tracking number, and print out your guest list for smooth sailing at your event.

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Tandem fundraising

Fundraising is better with friends. We make it easy to run tandem fundraising campaigns, so you can raise money for yourself and your allies on one Contribution Form.

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Compliance &
Data Integration

ActBlue makes compliance easy! We integrate with all major vendors of campaign CRM software, including real-time data integrations with Salsa, ActionKit, and Blue State Digital. You can also import your data right into NGP for fast and accurate compliance management. And if your compliance team still has questions, we’d be happy to hop on the phone with them.

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We take credit card security seriously around here. We’re a PCI Level 1 certified merchant and we're audited yearly to ensure that we’re maintaining that high level of security.

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