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by Christopher Walker


My page profiling candidates for federal Senate and Congressional seats is at

But Democrats control the state legislature in only *two* of the eleven states that are expected to gain or lose a Congressional seat after the 2010 census. Of the remaining 9 states, control by Democrats is with reach in several, including Iowa (easy) .

We want Democrat-dominated state legislatures in place by 2010, if possible, so that it's a GOP congresscritter and not a Democrat who's gerrymandered out of a seat in these states' mixed delegations (revenge for Texas, 2004).

Don't be troubled by the "not currently processing contributions for this candidate" tag in some of the adjoining boxes; most of these candidates have linked websites where you can find a way to volunteer or contribute.

Barry Welsh


Barry Welsh spent only $50,000 (only $20,00 in cash, the rest in-kind donations) and did better against a powerful incumbent than any previous candidate, against a $1.3 million warchest. Arch-conservative Mike Pence survived the contest for the IN-6 seat this time.

Barry and his campaign staff host one of the internet's most useful sites, the 50-state project page that tracks our success in getting candidates enlisted to run in every race. We all used it.

Barry incurred a modest campaigndebt, and could use some help whittling it away. If you can help, please do.

Theresa Two Bulls


We need to support pro-choice Democrat incumbents like Senator Two Bulls, and send her some new colleagues, to help fight the right-wing attack on freedom of choice in South Dakota.

South Dakota limits individual contributions to state house or state senate races at $250, so small contributions are meaningful. Do what you can?

Ron Herrell


Democrats lost control of the lower state house by a narrow margin in 2004, due to the red-state coattails of President Bush and the energetic campaign of GOP candidate for Governor Mitch Daniels, who has since squandered his popularity in record time. This year Democrats will profit from the voters' buyer's remorse over Daniels, and GOP turnout in November will be down, because the top of their ticket is an unopposed Senator (Lugar). We need to take back just 3 seats in the Indiana House.

Ron Herrell is one of the sitting Representatives who lost his seat in 2004, and he wants it back! His district in in the Congressional 2nd, where (to everyone's surprise) Democrat Joe Donnelly is leading the Republican incumbent in recent polls. Harrell and congressional candidate Donnelly can contribute to up-ballot and down-ballot momentum for one another.

Ron was injured in a car accident in mid-September but he will continue his campaign without interruption. He's a trrouper, and he deserves support and encouragement.

This is the only ActBlue page raising money for Ron Harrell's campaign. Do what you can?

Susan Fuldauer


Fuldauer, whose primary issue is better support for eduucation, is running against Speaker Brian Bosma, perhaps best known for telling Jewish voters that there aren't enough of them in Indiana to affect his support for continuing to inject Christian doctrine into public policy.

Image of Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan


Our candidate is running against an incumbent so extremist on social issues that he frightens many members of his own party.

Sullivan is endorsed by the Progressive Majority.

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