Contribute Now to 100 Contributions by Midnight . . .

by Senator Andrew Rice


Today, June 30th, is the last day of the second financial quarter of 2008. If you are planning to make a donation to my campaign, today is the day to do it.

Today's contributions will determine our plans for the rest of the campaign.

My opponent launched his TV ad campaign a month ago, getting his name and message out to a wide audience. Starting tomorrow, we'll be budgeting for the rest of the year, deciding when we can go on TV, how many yard signs we can order, and how much direct mail we can send.

Our goal by midnight tonight is 100 new contributions. Can you help us get there?

UPDATE: Thanks for the tremendous support! We're increasing our goal - can you help us get to 125 donations on this page by midnight?

UPDATE #2: You are amazing - we've blown away our second goal! Let's try one more new goal - 150 by midnight! Can you help us get there?

Image of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice