11:11:1 = '$11' in 'MI-11' for the '1' Candidate Who Will Lead on Climate!

by Nancy Skinner for Congress '14



It's Time to Take Action!

Your $11 in Michigan's 11th Congressional District (MI-11) race will support the 1 Candidate who will LEAD on Climate!!

If 1,100 People Gave $11 to Lead on Climate = $12,100...

If 11,000 People Gave $11 to Lead on Climate = $121,000...

If 111,000 People Gave $11 to Lead on Climate = $1,221,000!

There ARE that many Democratic households in the 11th District, and FAR MORE than that among the nation's environmentalists, Greens and others who care about Climate Change! They can be reached!

But why stop there?

If 1,110,000 People Gave $11 to Lead on Climate = $12,210,000!!

Which Number Are You?

Donate $11 right here, right now, and you'll get your number. Send this link to a friend and get their number. Post it to your Facebook wall and your Twitter feed, and watch as more people get their numbers.

Together we'll reach OUR Number, and help Nancy Skinner become the Climate Leader we need in Congress!

We will list every donation and show the world that each one of us can change history in the direction of a clean and sustainable future -- $11 at a time!

Image of Nancy Skinner

Nancy Skinner


For 21 years Nancy Skinner has fought and advocated on the issue of climate change and protecting the environment we share. Your $11 will help get her to Congress, where she will LEAD on Climate!!