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by Recall Scott Walker Campaign

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(since December 28, 2011)

While you've been out in the cold, publicly collecting signatures from your friends and family, Scott Walker has been secretly travelling to Arizona, California, New York and Texas to plot with out-of-state billionaires to develop a new wave of dirty tricks and outrageous attacks.

After millions in Koch-fueled TV ads failed to stop our people-powered movement or improve his poll numbers, Scott Walker flew down south to grab $250,000 from Bob Perry, a Texan billionaire who funded the infamous "Swift Boat" ads against John Kerry.

Our research shows that Bob Perry has donated at least $19 million since 2004 to prop up extreme Republican candidates and launch nasty, and in some cases, illegal smear campaigns against Democrats.

We can't wait for Scott Walker to reveal his latest round of dirty tricks. We have to use the last few days of 2011 to make sure we have the resources to fight back and win in 2012.

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