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by Christopher Walker


I don't put cannon fodder on my page; all these races are winnable. Unlike and Emily's List, I don't usually make endorsements in races where progressive candidates are fighting each other for the same seat. In my opinion, local voters should make the choice in those races, based on better information about local issues. (We can then all support the candidate they endorse in the primary.)

Visitors may be surprised to see an ex-Hoosier from Pennsylvania profile so many races in the Western states, but that region is the only part of the country where evidence supports a hope that voter demographics are turning from Red to Blue.

The software on this site lets you connect with the candidates' web pages if they have one. You can make a block contribution here to be divided among them, if you like, or contribute to individual campaigns using the boxes on the right, if you prefer. Small contributions are just fine - they add up. Be sure to click one last time at the end of the contribution sequence on "verify contribution," or your dollars won't go thru.

If you're not comfortable using a credit card online, most of these candidates' websites provide contact information for volunteering or for donations by mail. Do what you can.

Congressman Chet Edwards, TX-17, was formerly listed on this page. He voted to give President Bush the power to detain prisoners without trial, and torture them. Should he win re-election in 2006, I will support any Democrat who runs against him in the 2008 primary. I apologize to the donors who gave him money using this page.

Image of Ciro Rodriguez

Ciro Rodriguez


4-term former Congressman Rodriguez is our progressive candidate in a run-off election against powerful GOP incumbent Henry Bonilla, who is owned by the big players in the health care industry and by Big Oil.

Image of Progressive Patriots Fund

Progressive Patriots Fund

Russ Feingold's PAC disburses money to progressive candidates running for winnable House seats. It's important to demonstrate that Senator Feingold has fund-raising clout similar to the big players in the Senate like Kerry, Clinton, and Kennedy, and that PACs focussing on liberal candidates can be an effective alternative to the DCCC.

*Update* late May 2006: Setting a trend we hope will continue among other potential rivals for the 2008 Peresidential nomination, Senator Feingold's PAC is now also raising money for key races in the effort to take control of the Iowa state legislature, where Republicans currently enjoy a very slim margin.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Grassroots favorite Larry Kissell ran in 2006 and nearly unseated the entrenched incumbent, Robin Hayes. Hayes survived a precarious recount by fewer than 300 votes.

Larry has a modest campaign debt left from 2006 to retire, and then will begin rebuilding his warchest to challenge Hayes again in 2008. He's lost the advantage of surprise, so the contest will be more expensive, next time.

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