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by Christopher Walker

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This page supports progressive candidates for offices that hold elections in 2013 - mostly state legislatures, which nurture the leadership skills for future members of Congress and build the feet-on-the-ground organizations that win general elections. A few reliable organizations that support progressives may be added. There are also special elections in most cycles; appropriate candidates may be added.

State Senator Chap Peterson (VA-SD-34) flipped a seat held by a well-connected Republican, in 2007. He leads what remain of the progressive wing in the embattled Virginia State Assembly. .

Assemblyman Adam Ebbin is co-sponsor of new legislation to protect Virginia kids from bullying at school.

Openly gay candidates for office supported by the Victory Fund have a startlingly high success rate, even in conservative states.

Note that Virginia law prohibits legislators from accepting contributions while the Assembly is in session, so please come back if those boxes are temporarily blocked.

ActBlue provides a unique way for small-scale donors to make your voice echo in the corridors of power. Please support ActBlue with a tip when you contribute.

Image of Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis


Her 11-hour filibuster for women's reproductive rights heralds an important rising star in the Texas Democratic contingent.

Image of Chap Petersen

Chap Petersen


Image of Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Donald McEachin


State Senate Democratic Committee (WI)

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Daylin Leach


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Democracy for America

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Al McAffrey


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Brian Sims


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Adam Ebbin


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