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by Christopher Walker

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There will be hard work to do in the next cycle. Progressive incumbents will need support; candidates must be sought to oppose the worst of the Red team, and progressive organizations will need to fund-raise. This site will feature a few of each.

ActBlue provides a unique way for even small-scale donors to make their joint voices echo in the corridors of power. Please support them with a tip when you contribute.

Image of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren


The only prayer that Congress will go after corruption in the banking and financial services industry is if Elizabeth Warren gets into the Senate. The Republican incumbent who so outrageously sits in Ted Kennedy;s seat has a lot of money.

Image of Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin


Congresswoman Baldwin will be one of the most progressive voices in the U.S. Senate if she can beat the popular old-timer who won the Republican primary. Wisconsin has never sent a woman to the U.S. Senate.

Image of Sean Patrick Maloney

Sean Patrick Maloney


Progressive candidate running to succeed a retiring Democrat in the US Congress. Good to see him back in politics after he was crushed by the party machine when he ran against Andrew Cuomo for NY attorney general in 2006.

Image of Martin Heinrich

Martin Heinrich


Congressman Martin Heinrich flipped the Albuquerque-based seat in 2008, retiring an extreme conservative Republican. He’s good on health care, the environment, veterans’ issues, and what he calls "an Apollo Project for energy independence, moving America toward renewable energy sources: "No accomplishment would be a more valuable legacy for our children." Heinrich is running for the US Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Jeff Bingaman in 2012. He would be the Senate's foremost spokesman for a forward-thinking US energy policy.

Image of Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Remarkably effective at training LGTB folks to run for office (at all levels) and getting them actually elected.

Image of Richard Carmona

Richard Carmona


Running a surprisingly credible campaign for the open seat in the US Senate against an extremist Republican.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Congressman Larry Kissell, a public school teacher, retired a millionaire Republican incumbent in the 2008 cycle. He's good on farmers' and veterans' issues and is a leading spokesman for measures to prevent more American jobs from going overseas, based on the economic devastation of his own district by textile mill owners moving operations out of the US. He has been identified by Karl Rove's political action group as a prime target for 2012.

Image of VoteVets


They identify and support candidates with military experience in recent wars, voices all too lacking in a capital all so willing to send the young off to fight overseas for obscure interests.

State Senate Democratic Committee (WI)

Whether the effort to recall arch-conservative Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker succeeds or fails, it is important to wrest control of the state senate away from the compliant GOP majority. Flipping only one more seat will do it!

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