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These candidates represent some of the most deserving and dedicated men and women running in 2008. They are candidates with strong, sound stances, running in races where your dollars matter most. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

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Darcy Burner


Twenty-First Century Democrats is proud to endorse Darcy Burner for Congress in Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

Darcy Burner is a seasoned leader with bold ideas that capture the imagination of all Americans. Her work at Microsoft has given her the experience to create new paths to achieve goals worth fighting for such as health care for everyone and dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Darcy is intelligent, analytical, and has the energy, motivation and ambition to get the job done. Her commitment to the values of equality, liberty, opportunity and responsibility will make her a leader in the Democratic Party after she wins the 2008 Congressional election in Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

We endorsed Darcy during her tough and very close race in 2006 against Dave Reichert. We, along with many Americans, were outraged when the Republican attack machine launched a negative campaign of fear against Darcy. But we will not give up on Darcy.

Like many real leaders, Darcy has the courage to set aside the sting of defeat and stand up for what she believes by getting back in the ring. She is in a stronger position to win in 2008. We feel that throwing our support behind her campaign early in the race will send a strong signal to the progressive Democratic community that Darcy Burner is a candidate that everyone should get behind by volunteering and supporting her campaign.

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21st Century Democrats

Our Vision

21st Century Democrats'€™ mission is to be the catalyst for a new progressive movement in the United States through which we ensure the next generation of elected officials are bold, forward-thinking leaders. We seek out, train, and support extraordinary leaders who are courageous risk-takers and who inspire Americans to take action.

While we support efforts to reclaim and maintain a progressive majority in federal and state executives and legislatures, we believe it is more vital to make certain that the individuals being elected are courageous risk-takers and innovative thinkers who have the ability to lead America in a new direction.

21st Century Democrats is working toward an America by 2024 in which political leaders stand for bold and innovative ideas that cross party lines and solve complex problems; barriers to political participation are eliminated; and power is based at the local level and rests with the people. We envision an America where progressive ideals are realized including: an economy based on 100 percent renewable energy; 98 percent of voters participate; and there is an inviting place of learning for every child – regardless of socio-economic status

21st Century Democrats seeks to create a better America by 2024 in which:

- millions of Americans are galvanized around a compelling vision for America;

- bold ideas are implemented that cross party lines, express progressive values, and solve complex problems;

- extraordinary, visionary leaders inspire Americans to take action;

- barriers to political participation are broken down;

- and true power is based at the local level and lies with the people not with party bureaucrats in Washington.

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