Contribute Now to Ten for Tomorrow

by 21st Century Democrats

This list of the 21st Century Democrats' endorsements for the U.S. House has been reproduced from the Ten for Tomorrow page on their web site.

At 21st Century Democrats, we get involved where it counts: in races where good candidates face tough election fights. We support our candidates by donating a trained field organizer to the campaign, by helping the candidate to develop a strong field program, and by mobilizing our growing activist network.

This year's "Ten for Tomorrow" includes four challengers taking on vulnerable Republican incumbents, three candidates running for contested open seats, two freshmen Democrats targeted by Karl Rove and the RNCC, and one candidate (Kalyn Free) we are supporting in a contested Democratic primary.

All ten of these candidates are strong on core Democratic issues. And all ten must win if Democrats are to take back the House this year.

Image of Paul Babbitt

Paul Babbitt


Challenging Republican Incumbent. Babbitt is an Army veteran who has served for over 20 years as mayor of Flagstaff and supervisor of Coconino County. Democrats enjoy an increasing registration advantage in this large, rural district.

Image of Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop


Democratic Incumbent. In his first term, Bishop opposed the Iraq War and all of Bush’s inequitable tax cuts. In 2002, this former university provost managed to beat a Republican incumbent (with help from 21st Century Democrats) by less than 2,000 votes. The Republicans list Bishop as one of their top targets for 2004 and have launched a fierce campaign to unseat him.

Image of Don Barbieri

Don Barbieri


Open Seat, held by Republicans. A socially conscious businessman from Spokane, Barbieri is running a strong campaign to reclaim the seat vacated by Republican George Nethercutt. In 1994, Nethercutt defeated Democratic Speaker of the House Tom Foley in the disastrous Republican takeover; in 2004, Don Barbieri will take it back.

Emanuel Cleaver


Open Seat, held by Democrats. A two-term mayor of Kansas City, pastor of a Methodist congregation, and the president of the National Conference of Black Mayors, Emanuel Cleaver has been in the public spotlight for over twenty years. With his leadership, Kansas City attracted new jobs and revitalized its downtown.

Kalyn Free


Open Seat, held by Democrats. Raised in a family of modest means, Free worked her way through college and law school to become the youngest District Attorney ever hired by the Department of Justice. She is counting on hard work again to beat her primary opponent, Dan Boren, a corporate-friendly candidate who served as a congressional staff member for a Republican. If elected, Free will be the first Native American woman to serve in Congress.

Image of Stephanie Herseth

Stephanie Herseth


Democratic Incumbent. Elected in a June 1 Special Election by fewer than 3,000 votes, Stephanie Herseth is the newest member of Congress and already our most vulnerable incumbent. 21st Century Dems put six organizers in the field for the last two weeks of the special election, and we will be there again for the general.

Image of Jon Jennings

Jon Jennings


Challenging Republican Incumbent. The eighth district of Indiana is known as the "bloody eighth" because of its history of close campaigns. Jennings began his career in basketball, coaching for the Boston Celtics and befriending Hoosier legend Larry Bird. He discovered a calling for public service and eventually served as Janet Reno’s legislative liaison at the Department of Justice. The Republican incumbent, John Hostettler, strongly supports the Defense of Marriage Act and is campaigning to restrict the rights of immigrants.

Image of Lois Murphy

Lois Murphy


Challenging Republican Incumbent. If elected, Lois Murphy would become one of Congress’s strongest voices for the rights of women. A former president of NARAL Pro-Choice Pennsylvania and a board member of the Women’s Law Project, Murphy is a champion for women and working families. Murphy’s opponent, Jim Gerlach, is a freshman Republican who won by only 5,500 votes in 2002.

Image of Richard Romero

Richard Romero


Challenging Republican Incumbent. A former school administrator and state legislator, Richard Romero has a 30-year record as an advocate for working families. Thanks to a growing Latino population, Romero has a chance to defeat incumbent Heather Wilson, an ardent supporter of the Iraq War.

Image of Allyson Schwartz

Allyson Schwartz


Open Seat, Held by Democrats. An expert on health and human services, Allyson Schwartz fought for children while serving fourteen years in the Pennsylvania State Senate. In April, Schwartz narrowly won her primary election with the help of 21st Century Democrats. With her district evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, Schwartz also faces a challenging campaign in the general election.

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