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Bill Hedrick is a true progressive Democrat running for Congress against a corrupt, nine-term Republican rubber stamp, Ken Calvert.

  • Bill was the first and only DCCC recognized candidate to come out against President Obama's troop surge in Afghanistan.
  • He is a champion of the environment and green technology, and is the first candidate challenging a sitting incumbent to be endorsed by the Sierra Club.
  • Bill supports real health care reform and while he would prefer single-payer, will work for a strong public option.

Bill first challenged Calvert in 2008, where he lost by only 2 points, defying the odds and ending up being the 10th closest race in the country. He was outspent 5-to-1, had no party support, and ran a true grassroots operation with thousands of small donors and 900 volunteers.

This time around, Bill is working hard to raise more money in one of the most depressed areas of the country, has the support of the DCCC, and a poll that shows a clear path to victory - if he can raise the resources to get his message out.

Please donate today - help Bill Hedrick fight corruption and bring leadership we can trust to Congress. Help get a true progressive fighting for us in Washington!

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Bill Hedrick


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