The 355 Fund: For Carol Shea-Porter

by Dean Barker


Frank Guinta wants to take Carol Shea-Porter's seat in Congress (NH-01), but he has never adequately explained how $355,000 of money that went into his 2010 campaign was his own. All it would take is a simple copy of a bank statement to prove that the money was his to loan to the campaign. Three years and an FEC investigation later, Guinta has failed to do that. Why?

This NHPR investigation, in which Guinta refuses to answer a question about the source of this money, is a must listen/read. And click here for an accompanying video with more details.

For more on Frank's funny money, his fellow Republicans put it best. State Senator Jeb Bradley:

“If there’s not a satisfactory explanation,” Guinta “absolutely,” should drop out, Bradley told POLITICO...“I think it’s very damaging ... how you forget something like that is just pretty hard to explain. The average person wouldn’t forget,” Bradley said. “If you were Warren Buffett, possibly.”

And former NHGOP Chair Fergus Cullen:

...Frank Guinta quietly amended his financial disclosure report to list a mysterious bank account valued between $250,000 and $500,000. Guinta failed to report the existence of this account on not one but two previous financial disclosure reports.

Guinta says he simply forgot about the account. Would you forget about a bank account containing between $250,000 and $500,000?

If Guinta is telling the truth – that he had this money all along and simply forgot to report it – he can prove it easily. All he needs to do is release bank statements on the mystery account going back two years. That Guinta has declined to do this speaks volumes.

The unsolved controversy over Guinta's unexplained $355,000 of campaign money led the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington to name him one of Congress' "Most Corrupt" members. Click here to read their report.

The goal of this page is simple. Through contributions of $3.55, $35.50, or $355.00, let's match that mystery $355k with legitimate, people-powered funding for a progressive Congresswoman who always puts the interests of "the rest of us" first and foremost.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter