Contribute Now to For Marriage

by Joshua Slater and Anna Lewis


Those of you who know us know that we're not natural community organizers. We're not consistently vocal, even on issues that matter. However, California's proposition 8 is so backwards, and represents such a frightening retreat from a logical progression towards basic human rights for all regardless of sexual orientation or identity, that we wanted to invite others to join us in saying, "No." We've been married for 5 years, and want everyone to have the opportunity to join us in the same benefits that the California constitution currently provides to all, including those social and spiritual benefits that domestic partnerships do not provide. The American Psychological and American Psychiatric Associations, along with the National Association of Social Workers provided an amicus brief that supported the finding of a right for gay men and women to marry. The brief surveyed the literature and argued convincingly that marriage conveys significant benefits in society, same-sex marriages are as psychologically health for the members and the children therein as those of heterosexual marriages, and prohibitions on gay marriage are based on the stigma historically attached to homosexuality and not on any significant scientific evidence.

Proposition 8 eliminates an established right to marry. All of us are demeaned and diminished when some of us are stripped of such a core aspect of our basic humanity. Even in a year when the country may rise on a progressive swell, there is significant risk that proposition 8 will pass in California, setting a precedent for the rest of the nation. Recent polls have shown that the gap has closed; there is significant risk that misleading advertisements and an underlying fear will cause proposition 8 to pass. Help us to send a message that marriage for all is here to stay.

1) Vote no on proposition 8. 2) Join us in donating to No on Prop 8. Everything counts as we count down towards election day. We've set up this fundraising page to help make this easier. 3) Alert us if you're interested in making even 5 phone calls to likely voters. We're attempting to get access to lists of phone numbers for likely and undecided voters. Once we get them, we'll provide you with as many, or as few, as you want.

Equality for All

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