Contribute Now to Dennis Shulman for Congress!

by Jocelyn Krieger


Dennis Shulman is exactly the kind of person that we need to represent NJ-05 in the United States Congress. Not only are his positions progressive (he opposed the War in Iraq and supports universal health care), but he is also a problem-solver rather than an ideologue. Blind since childhood, he has had to overcome significant obstacles in order to earn an Harvard diploma — and to become a rabbi.

In 2008, the fifth district is winnable. Congressman Scott Garrett continues to earn perfect ratings from the American Conservative Union, but his right-wing policies are simply not appropriate for America’s modern day problems. All across the country, voters are desperately seeking change. Change is exactly what Dennis Shulman promises them.

I believe candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support, and this is a race where your dollars can make the difference. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

Image of Dennis Shulman

Dennis Shulman