Contribute Now to Win Wisconsin's Recall Elections in 60 Days

by WisDems


Together, we've already made history, by forcing more recalls than ever before in Wisconsin after Scott Walker and the Republicans declared war on the middle class and tried to force through their anti-worker agenda.

Now, GAB has tentatively scheduled recall elections for July 12, just two months away.

Republicans like Senator Alberta Darling have already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from big corporate interests to try to hold onto power.

We know the Republican playbook. Raise big money from corporate interests and run hundreds of thousands of dollars in negative attack ads.

But their negative attack ads can't match the power of our grassroots effort.

Just this month we saw it fail against Democrat Steve Doyle, who was massively outspent but who won a special election formerly held by Scott Walker's number one deputy, Mike Huebsch.

Steve Doyle won, and with a strong grassroots effort, so can we.

Please, support our field efforts today and help us raise $60,000 in 60 days to help win these recall elections and retake the Senate.

$75 allows an organizer to put together a weekend canvass.

$50 pays for a tank of gas so that an organizer can spend a day talking to Wisconsinites.

$25 pays the rent on one field office for a day's work.

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Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Federal Account