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by George

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President Obama + Senate Democratic SuperMajority = Awesome
At the moment, the polling numbers show the Democrats holding 58 seats in the new Senate. But as we know, Republicans are like sheep and almost always blindly vote together in Congress. Recall 1993 when Bill Clinton took office and Democrats held both houses, yet the Republicans worked to squash most of Clinton's campaign promises such as Universal Healthcare.
That also means that 42 is too many seats to give to Republicans who will filibuster just about Obama agenda - health care, Supreme Court nominees, cabinet appointees, eliminating oil company tax breaks and subsidies, middle class tax cut, you name it.
We have eight long years of damage to undo, so getting to that 60 seat filibuster-proof supermajority is critically important.
It's a hard fight, but we need to try any keep the Republicans at or below 40 Senate seats. And if you look at the polling numbers as we come to the finish line, there are four seats that are really close and need every bit of our help.
Al Franken (MN), Ronnie Musgrove (MS), Bruce Lunsford (KY), and Jim Martin (GA) are all tied or slightly behind in the polls right now - but only slightly. With your help, these candidates can come ahead in the vote count and win. We only need half of these four to move ahead and claim the big prize.
For those of you who have been tracking this page, you may recall that I used to list Mark Begich (AK), Mark Udall (CO), Kay Hagin (NC), Jeff Merkley (OR), and Jeane Shaheen (NH), and Rick Noriega (TX). Since it's crunch time and time to focus resources as best possible, I have de-emphasized these candidates. Begich, Udall, Hagin, Merkley, and Shaheen are all showing comfortable leads in the polls going into the final weekend. They could certainly use your help, but statistically, Franken, Musgrove, Lunsford, and Martin need your help much more.
First, winning a close election is primarily a game of turnout! Do anything you possibly can to help bring people to the polls and fight voter suppression. Volunteering to participate in a ride-sharing program for those who can't drive themselves to the polls is a great idea.
Secondly, With the backing of the RNC, there's a lot of money out there to flood the airways, voicemail boxes and snail mail boxes with malicious attacks to try and sway last minute opinions. We need to provide as much financial backing as possible to neutralize the Republican smear machine.
So help out and contribute now. If your funds are limited and can't donate to the full list below, at least try to make contributions to tightest four races: Franken, Lunsford, Martin, and Musgrove.
Thank you and good luck.

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