Contribute Now to Game Changer: Dede Endorses

by Bill Owens


Dear Friends,

Wow, where to begin…In the last 72 hours this race has become even more exciting than before. This past Saturday my Republican opponent, Dede Scozzafava, announced that she was suspending her campaign and on Sunday she announced that she was endorsing my candidacy for Congress!

Why you might ask? She dared to have the courage to stand up for the principles and values that she believes in, even when they don’t fit nicely into the far right’s notion of the GOP. This could not stand.

With the GOP’s national political figures: Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, giving their support and resources to Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman, whose campaign and misleading attacks have been bankrolled by right wing extremist groups like the Club for Growth and the national tea party movement; Dede no longer felt that she could stay in the race. I respect her decision and thank her for her commitment to the people of Upstate New York. I am truly honored to have her endorsement and support.

Dede’s endorsement means that the GOPs vote is up for grabs! We have less than 24 hours until the polls open. Please contribute $24, $48, $72, or $125 TODAY so that we can turn out Democrats and moderate Republicans on Tuesday!

Now with only hours left our field teams are working around the clock to reach out to Dede’s supporters. Voters that care more about moving the interests of the district forward than being the puppet of the extreme right’s failed economic agenda. Voters who are more interested in finding common sense solutions to create jobs in Upstate New York than fighting partisan battles. Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate, has been rigid in his commitment to the far right’s extreme policies-extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich, privatizing Social Security, and tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas.

Endorsements matter, but only if Dede’s supporters hear about it! We have less than 24 hours. Please contribute $24, $48, $72, or $125 TODAY so that we can reach out to her supporters for Election Day.

I’m so grateful to have Dede’s support. Help me honor her courage; with a coalition of moderate Republicans, Democrats and Independents I know that we can be successful on Tuesday!

Thank you for your continued support,


PS: Now with Dede’s support, our campaign continues to gain momentum. Please contribute $24, $48, $72, or $125 TODAY!

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Bill Owens