Contribute Now to Give Larry your $88.94

by blogger


Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Where does somebody begin when talking about Larry Kissell? How about the time he sold gas for $1.22 a gallon, to show how much things have changed under Robin Hayes? Or how he's Takin' Our Country Back? How about how he ended up ahead in the polls after ending the month of September with only $88.94 in the bank?

Any way you cut it, people are supporting Larry because he's the man in North Carolina's 8th District with a plan to move America forward. No matter the issue - immigration, Iraq, jobs, CAFTA, you name it - Larry's going to take a strong stand for folks in Laurinburg, Biscoe, Albemarle, Concord, Kannapolis, Charlotte, Monroe, and everywhere in between.

In honor of Larry's $88.94 - as Larry says, it's the kind of cash most people in the 8th District have on hand - please take the time out today to give your $88.94 to help take our country back!

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