Contribute Now to Colorado's Seventh Congressional District

by TakeBackTheHouse


The best chance that the Democrats have to pick up a House seat might very well be in Colorado's 7th Congressional District.

In 2002 Bob Beauprez (R) won by 121 votes out of 173,000 cast. That year a Green Party candidate took 5% of the vote.

This year Bob Beauprez made a terrible miscalculation by opening the seat so he could persue his ambition to become Governor.

This race is of national importance. Bob Beauprez voted with Tom Delay 94% of the time, and was a large donor to Delay's legal fund. No matter where in the country you may live, this race impacts your future. You can get a vote of the pocket of Tom Delay and into the hands of someone who will fight for the issues that matter to you.

To get the job done, they will need your help. The Republicans are well aware of how this race impacts the entire country. Dick Cheney flew in to host a fundraiser for their candidate, and Bush himself came to the district. The Republicans are trying to sell the district to a handful of deep pocketed donors, but if enough of us step forward our combined voices can defeat them.

Give what you can to Ed Perlmutter, Peggy Lamm, and Herb Rubenstein, by making a donation to the General Election Fund which will help whichever candidate emerges from the primary as our selection.

Too many people are waiting on the sidelines until after the primary to donate, and that will only leave the candidate two months to challenge the Republican. By donating today, the planning can be put in place to win in November.

Donate as much as you can! Volunteer if you can! Take back the House!

CO-07 General Election Fund


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