Contribute Now to MarshallBomb for Elaine Marshall, North Carolina's Next Senator

by Grassroots Farm Team PAC


The MarshallBomb is an all-volunteer project to give Elaine Marshall’s inspirational campaign the resources to fight Richard Burr and the right-wing fringe. Elaine’s Republican opponents will stop at nothing to win the next election, even if it means working against the policies that brought America back from the brink of an economic meltdown.

We're holding the MarshallBomb so Americans who are ready to fight for the beliefs that made our country great have a way to join this year’s most important campaign. We need 1010 small dollar donors like you to join Elaine's campaign to prevent a hostile takeover of our government - and after you give, please make sure to tell your friends and invite them to contribute!

Even if you can only give $3, add your voice and help Elaine! If you can give more, please consider kicking in $10 to help the Grassroots Farm Team elect great Democratic candidates.

Image of Elaine Marshall

Elaine Marshall


Elaine Marshall is a fighter. When the conventional wisdom was that a woman couldn’t win a statewide election in North Carolina, Elaine Marshall won. When folks told her she couldn’t beat Richard Petty in one of North Carolina’s most exciting races ever, Elaine Marshall won. When both political parties suffered from scandal after scandal, and corruption in Raleigh kept getting worse, Elaine Marshall kept her moral compass pointed in the right direction and led with honor and integrity.

Time and time again, Elaine Marshall beats the odds because she’s tough, smart, and unafraid to be the leader that North Carolina needs. Even if Elaine’s opponent weren’t corporate America’s favorite errand boy, she would be the clear choice for the United States Senate.

Prove the Special Interests WRONG - Donate to Elaine Marshall today!

Grassroots Farm Team

The Grassroots Farm Team organized the "MarshallBomb" for Elaine. Leave us a tip, if you like, so we can elect great Democratic candidates in North Carolina - but please make sure the majority of your contribution goes to the Elaine Marshall campaign above.

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