Contribute Now to Aaron and Cat's Alternative Wedding Registry

by Aaron and Cat


Friends and Family -
Just this year, California took a great step forward for equality and recognized gay marriage. As far as we can tell, the world did not end and the institution of marriage has not been destroyed. Still, this equality is not guaranteed: Californians must vote on Proposition 8 this fall. In celebration of our marriage, join us in voting No on 8 this November.
Prop 8 is simple: “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry”. Right now the polls are showing that this is going to be a close race, and the Yes campaign is raising a lot more money than the No campaign.
Miss Manners says that one should not ask for gifts for a wedding, but I think this is important enough to break that rule. Will you make a gift to the No on 8 campaign in honor of our wedding on October 25? I know none of us are particularly rich, and it's a little scary to part with money these days. But we really do see this as an important investment in the future of California and our country, with the potential for great returns in civil liberties and equality. To encourage you to give generously, we will personally match 10% of any donations larger than $100 on this page with our own additional contribution. Your $100 gets our $10. Your $250 gets our $25. Please also invite your friends to vote No on 8 with you, and if they donate here we will match their contribution in the same way. So far we've contributed $65 in matching funds, thanks to Dan, Helen, Louis, Amy, Dave, and Peip!
The No on 8 television ad:
Most of all, don't forget to vote No on 8 and ask at least one other person to do so.
Love, Cat and Aaron

Equality for All

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