Contribute Now to Be A Part of History and Civil Rights Equality!

by Rakefet and Mary Abergel


My wife Mary and I finally got to get married legally in California in June of this year. It was the happiest day in our lives!! So many more people had been waiting longer than the 7 years we waited to get legally married! Please help keep this right a fundamental civil right protected by our Constitution. No matter what your views are, we can all agree that human rights are for ALL people no matter who or what they are. Please give generously so that we can stop the anti-gay agenda.

Thank you!

The ballot description for Proposition 8 makes it perfectly clear. Prop 8 "eliminates the right of same sex couples to marry."

No On Prop 8, Equality For All is the coalition that is leading the fight to defeat Prop 8 and defend the fundamental right to marry for all Californians. Help me help them. Contribute to my fundraising page today!

Equality for All