Contribute Now to Happy Birthday ActBlue!

by The ActBlue Team


ActBlue was founded in 2004, during a truly dark period for Democrats. We were slimed by the GOP, denounced as unpatriotic in the press, and bombarded with Rovian fantasies of a "permanent Republican majority" in Washington DC. After a heartbreaking loss in November, Democratic fortunes languished near their lowest ebb.

Matt DeBergalis and Benjamin Rahn helped Democrats climb out of that pit by creating ActBlue, a platform that would allow any Democrat to participate in the political fundraising process and take back their country one click at a time. In 2004 there wasn't any big Democratic money available to underwrite ActBlue, so we relied on the financial backing of our users; we supported Democrats and were supported by Democrats.

That hasn't changed.

Now we're active in all 50 states, up and down the ballot. Together, we've changed politics. To celebrate our fifth birthday, I asked ActBlue Chairman and Founder Matt DeBergalis to sit down and talk with us about what ActBlue has meant to Democrats over the past five years, and the role ActBlue will play in the future of Democratic politics:

The bottom line is this: at ActBlue, we're still true-blue. We work only for Democrats. We work in every state. We work for you.

Support ActBlue.

From all of us at ActBlue, thanks.

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