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In 2010, Republicans are working hard to entrench themselves in American politics. A flood of anonymous money has let GOP candidates contest seats at every level; they envision a future where control of the House of Representatives and state legislative chambers allows them to control the congressional redistricting process and revive their dreams of a permanent Republican majority.

ActBlue is the antidote to the Republican Party's pursuit of a majority built on anonymous corporate cash. Every dollar you send to candidates via ActBlue tells them that you prefer transparency and accountability to anonymity and corporate quid pro quo.

In your home state of Colorado, donors giving through ActBlue have chosen to throw their support behind a few Democratic candidates. We've gathered those candidates together on one donation page to make it easy for you to strike a blow for transparency and accountability in your own backyard.

Don't let a few billionaires buy your political future out from under you.

Give today.

Cary Kennedy


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Michael Bennet


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Ed Perlmutter


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Betsy Markey


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Bernie Buescher

CO-Sec State

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Jared Polis


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Brian O'Donnell


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Diana DeGette


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