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by Joe and Jill, like the Bidens

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Current Recipients Barney Frank Alan Grayson Click on the candidate to watch their smackdown.

For all those who are sick and tired of watching our elected Democratic leaders wimp out time after time, I present to you the Award for Democratic Testicular Fortitude.

It was cool for Democrats to be the nice guys in office when it seemed like you could be nice and get things done. But you can't be nice and get things done, not when you've got a bunch of nuts whose entire existence and future is based around scaring people and obstructing progress. You've got to have the balls to do what needs to get done. That includes having the balls to lay down the law once in a while to a party that is accustomed to being the bully on the playground.

To Federal Democratic Elected Officials - Put the bully in his place and you too will be added to this award.

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Alan Grayson (2010)


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Barney Frank


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