Contribute Now to Allies for Marriage Equality

by Laurie Rosini


This June will mark the 45th anniversary of the abolition of race based marriage restrictions in the United States. Although it is shocking to consider that interracial marriage was considered a felony in some states during our lifetime, we are only now seriously addressing the issue of gender based marriage restrictions within our country.

At this time, only 6 states have legalized marriage equality - Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York, as well as the District of Columbia. In each state, this was achieved either through state Supreme Court rulings or through legislation.

Earlier this year, marriage equality in Washington State passed through the legislature and was signed by Governor Gregoire. The opposition immediately set to work to override the legislation by placing a referendum on the ballot in the upcoming election.

If Washington State approves Referendum 74, we will be the first state in the nation to embrace marriage equality by popular vote. This is what makes our particular efforts so critical in the national campaign for achieving the right to marry for all loving and committed couples who choose to do so.

Please join this critical and historical civil rights campaign aimed at removing discriminatory restrictions on marriage by contributing funds aimed at educating our voting population on this issue.

Someday our children will marvel at the notion that marriage equality was a battle that was won during their lifetime, and feel a sense of pride that their parents were part of this historical movement. Thank you for your contribution!

Washington United for Marriage