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Pissed that the Democrats aren't progressive enough? Well, the answer isn't to go Green. Going Green is what brought us Bush. The answer is to join Progressive organizations and help them with donations and/or volunteer time. The more effective these organizations can be, the more you will see America turn back to its progressive and populist roots. These are the organizations that you can work with to restore liberal America and halt the drift to the right.

Image of Progressive Majority

Progressive Majority

This is one of the most effective progressive organizations in America. Focusing on the next generation of politicians, it is bringing young progressives into politics and helping to train and fund their grassroots campaigns. This is one of the most important organizations in America today.

Image of Secretary of State Project

Secretary of State Project

Electing honest secretaries of state to protect our elecitons in America. This organization may be one of the most important for the future of American democracty.

South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families

Fighing South Dakota's anti-choice extremists. Led by women of the Sioux nation.

Mid-Michigan DFA PAC

Returning Michigan to it's progressive roots. A local branch of Dean's Democracy for America.

Image of Midwest Values PAC

Midwest Values PAC

Al Franken's organization to remind the Midwest of the traditional, farmer and working-class focused progressive values that the Midwest used to embrace.

Democracy For Missouri

Valley Grassroots for Democracy

Another local branch of Dean's Demcoracy for America.

Image of Democracy for Houston

Democracy for Houston

Houston's branch of Dean's Democracy for America.

Indiana Progressives PAC

Fighting for Progressive Values in the center of America's Heartland.

Image of Democratic Women's Caucus PAC (Monroe County, IN)

Democratic Women's Caucus PAC (Monroe County, IN)

Focusing on women's issues in Indiana.


Stem Cell research saves lives. Period. Republicans are opposed to this life saving research because some right wing extremists like Pat Robertson are opposed to it. Let's help elect candidates who support saving American lives rather than right wing extremists who favor letting sick Americans die needlessly.

Image of Democracy for Texas

Democracy for Texas

The Texas branch of Dean's Democracy for America.

Image of Democracy for America

Democracy for America

Dean started it all. DFA leads the fight for progressive America.

Pasadena Young Democrats

College and Young Democrats of Iowa PAC

Image of INDN's List

INDN's List

Frontier PAC

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