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by Andrew Mayersohn


I'm currently in Martinsville, Virginia, working for Tom Perriello. I knock on doors, make phone calls, and staff campaign events.

Tom Perriello is the Democratic candidate in Virginia's 5th Congressional District. He'll need all the money he can get to defeat six-term incumbent (and turncoat former Democrat) Virgil Goode.

Goode's best known for being virulently anti-immigrant--he's the one who made the remark about cracking down on immigrants before we have "In Muhammad We Trust" on our money. I'd support anybody who ran against Goode, but Tom's not just anybody. He's a tremendous public servant and a special candidate, which is why I'm spending a month in Virginia canvassing and making phone calls on Tom's behalf.

Tom's been a security analyst in Afghanistan, helped to broker the peace agreement in Sierra Leone, and assisted the prosecution team that forced dictator Charles Taylor from power in Liberia. He's signed on to the Responsible Plan for Iraq and courageously opposed illegal wiretapping. He has a track record of advocacy for economic justice with nonprofit groups--several of which he founded.

Help me send Tom to Congress, where he'll be a strong advocate for a just foreign policy and a fair economy.

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Tom Perriello