Contribute Now to Win Back the House

by Congressman John Conyers


These three candidates are contesting seats that are crucial to winning back the House. They are fighters who value the Constitution and public service more than the politics of personal gain. John Cranley, Jerry McNerney and Larry Kissell are exceptional candidates who have run terrific campaigns. What they lack is the millions of dollars that their opponents have raised from big money interests and right wing organizations.

Image of John Cranley

John Cranley


John Cranley is running on a message for change that is resonating deeply with Ohio voters. His record of bipartisan reform on the Cincinnati City Council is being welcomed by voters as a contrast to the corruption and scandal surrounding Ohio Republicans in Columbus and Washington. John is running in Ken Blackwell's hometown, against an extremist Republican who has over $1 million to spend on ads distorting Cranley's distinguished service on the City Council.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Environmental groups such as the League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, and Defenders of Wildlife are heavily involved in this race, and Jerry McNerney continues to hit the Republican incumbent, Richard Pombo, for his record on the environment as chairman of the Resources Committee. McNerney has been endorsed by nearly every local union and local Democratic group, and has attracted such widespread grassroots support that he will reach as many as 100,000 voters on Election Day.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


After 27 years working in a textile plant, Larry witnessed the disturbing trend of plants closing to ship jobs overseas. He realized that the next generation simply wouldn't have the same opportunities waiting for them upon graduation that his generation enjoyed and changed careers to become an educator. After teaching young students about our founding principles and the Constitution, Kissell realized how far off course our country had strayed from the Founders' intentions and is running for Congress to restore the integrity of these principles.

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