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by Anna Abramson


*Nov 1 Update from Anna: This is the final push. The polls show a ONE PERCENTAGE POINT DIFFERENCE. This is one of those times where your donation will actually make a real, tangible difference. The Yes campaign just sent out a flyer targetting African-American voters with lies about Obama's views on Prop 8 (He has completely condemned it). We need to fight back. We need resources to mobilize on election day. At the campaign office, I've met couples who have been together for 10, 20, 30 a few days someone could strip them of the right to marry - the state will essentially be voting on their lives. It's sad to see the degree to which people are willing to take away rights that they themselves would never consider giving up. But it's been more uplifting to see the hard work that goes into NO on 8.*

*Please forward this to 5 friends! Yeah, ya know, it can be awkward to spam your friends...but that's how I got you here, right? The cause is worth it, and that's really the way word spreads.*

Oct 28 Update from Anna: NO on Prop 8 needs your help. The race is much closer than you might think, and the need for help is profound. I care about this because I care about the message we send when we deny rights. Will we send a message that affirms equality or perpetuates injustice? When we strip an entire group of civil rights, we open the floodgates for discrimination. That's why I don't think of this as an issue important only to the gay community or even California. This is an issue thats cuts across boundaries.* So, equality in California -and by extension this country - is not a given. It's actually in great peril.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated.

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