Contribute Now to Appalachia Argentina Vacations

by Wallis Biggerstaffer


The best way to get rid of Big Mouth Joe is to send him on an Applachia Argentina Vacation. When a politican becomes erratic and delusional they deserve a permanent vacation from office so they can relax, travel, find their soul mate.

Please be generous to this fund so we can give Republicans the bum's rush out the door with their bags packed and out of our hair for good.

Together we can rid Congress of ill-tempered, cement-headed clowns who cannot begin to understand the complexities of an issue such as Healthcare for All Americans. If a person is so fried and unhinged that they can't mind their manners during a Presidential Address then they need to hit the trail-- the Appalachia Argentina Vacation Trail.

Your Travel Agent,

Wallis Biggerstaffer

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Rob Miller