Contribute Now to Let's Go Betsy!

by Alex Raposo


In less than a week, I will experience my first end of quarter reporting as Betsy Markey's finance assistant. Working as a member of the finance team has been one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences I have done so far.

Working for Betsy has been AWESOME. She is truly one of a kind and a great asset to Congress. She has real small business experience, is down to earth and has a keen understanding of the issues at hand. She is pro-environment, pro-equality, pro-choice, and voted YES on healthcare.

Please consider making a small donation of $5, $15, or $30 today.

We are expecting a long and expensive campaign.

This is the most important deadline I've ever had--please consider making a small donation to help me AND Betsy with our deadline.

Thanks!! Alex

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey