Contribute Now to Win the Argument

by the ActBlue Team


The elections next week are about more than who will occupy a couple of rooms in Washington D.C. They're part of a larger argument about whose voices will echo in those chambers. On Tuesday, we'll decide who our Senators and Representatives listen to: a tiny group of very wealthy folks, or the American people.

Make no mistake--while you and I will never know the names of the anonymous billionaires who funneled undisclosed millions into our elections through outside groups like Karl Rove's American Crossroads, they'll quickly reveal themselves to the Republicans who take the oath of office next January. And you can rest assured that the very same donors and corporations that don't have the courage to tell the American people who is "speaking" through these groups today will be very specific indeed when it comes to what legislation they'd like to see passed tomorrow.

Our politics doesn't have to work this way.

Folks giving through ActBlue have shown thousands of Democratic candidates that they can rely on the American people--not corporate money--to fund their campaigns. Using ActBlue, 1.3 million grassroots donors have sent $170 million to Democrats in all fifty states. That's a powerful antidote to the sort of pay-to-play politics that benefits bankers and billionaires.

With your help, we're changing the way Washington does business; without your support, we can't. Making a recurring donation of $15, $25, or $50 today goes a long way toward making sure we'll be there to amplify your voice tomorrow and in 2012. If you think our government works better when the loudest voice in the room belongs to the American people, then please:

Support ActBlue

From all of us at ActBlue, thanks.

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