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2008 is right around the corner and it's going to be a great year for Democrats! With open Sentate seats (or as near as they can get) in Colorado, Idaho and Virginia, and really vulnerable incumbents in New Hampshire, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon and North Carolina, the Senate's going to be getting a lot of action.

But there are going to be some great House races. The Republicans aren't going to let people like Nancy Boyda and Baron Hill slide. There are DINOs to get rid of in very Democratic districts. And there are some State House and State Senate races that can change the picture of redistricting in 2010 happening now.

Yes, 2008 is going to be a great year for Democrats... and you found this page... so, hang on tight... there's going to be a LOT of action here!

Image of Bobby Bright

Bobby Bright


The Southeastern portion of the state, including Montgomery. The red incumbent,Terry Everett, is retiring at the ripe old age of 71. There's a run-off on the red side between Harri Smith and Jay Love. Our side is being represented by Bobby Bright, the mayor of Montgomery, who currently has about half of either of his opponents... but remember... they need to throw the money at each other! No foolin. This is a big red district, and ordinarily not going anywhere, but with the run-off on the other side, and the popular mayor of the largest city in the district running for the seat, this is as close to a competitive race as we're going to see for this seat for a very very long time.

Leans Red, but with some lovin, might turn interesting.

Image of Joshua Segall

Joshua Segall


Most of the Eastern portion of the state, including Auburn. The red incumbent, Mike Rogers, was first elected in 2002 in a squeaker, at least by Alabama standards, 50.3% to 48.2%. He has won by 20% or so since then. I mention that first race because, as red as this district looks, this is _not_ irretrievably red. Our candidate, Josh Segall, has had some good fundraising, and is on the DCCC's "Emerging Races" to watch. I dunno. Josh Segall might just be this year's Nancy Boyda.

Leans Red, but, I'm with the D-trip. Watch this race.

Image of Bill Foster

Bill Foster


There's a special election on 3/8 pitting our guy, Bill Foster, against the odious Oberweis. This was Denny Hastert's seat, and is surprisingly close. The latest poll numbers I have show Oberweis up 45 to 43. This is a race we can make THE difference in!

Image of Gary Trauner

Gary Trauner


WY-AL: Wyoming is the ninth largest state in the Union, and the 50th in population. Its population is overwhelming white (and blue-eyed, oddly enough), and the few folks who aren't white (and blue-eyed) are largely Native American. Portions of the Arapaho, Shoshoni and Cheyenne Nations call Wyoming home. Blacks make up a whole 1% of the population; Hispanics make up 6%. Fully 13% of the population defines itself as veteran. Bush trounced Kerry 69% to 29% with the other 2% probably going to the Libertarians.

Here's what I said for the 2006 cycle:

Wyoming - I lived in Wyoming for awhile and found that the largest minority there were brown-eyed people. Honestly. Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Jews, Asians, they all have brown eyes. And they don't make a dent in the blue-eyed population. In a state that gave Bush 69% and is one of three that still likes the guy, you have to give props to Gary Trauner, our guy in WY-AL. He has tremendous fundraising, and a cheap media market. He's running against an incumbent who is weak in the state and who came out of a primary where she didn't carry the major population centers (such as they are). In April, Trauner was only trailing by 4. If he can keep on keeping on, he might just do it... WY-AL: Stay up late, have some popcorn, and keep the champagne cold.

Now, I know that it was a stretch thinking that Gary Trauner would knock Barbara Cubin out the first time. And, sure enough, he lost by a margin of 1,012 votes, 47.8 percent to 48.3 percent.

When I spoke to Gary at yKos, he said that he was approached by lots of people after the election who told him, "geez, if we knew you had a chance, we would have come out and voted for you". Well, hindsight being 20/20, and foresight being at least as good, Gary announced today that he's going to take on Cubin again, and, by Jove, I think he's going to do it!

Image of Mark Udall

Mark Udall


With the open seat in a state trending Blue, you might think that the best we could hope for was some DINO. Not so. The best we could hope for is a solid progressive and that's what we have in Mark Udall!

He may not be taking contributions from ActBlue, but go to his website. The guy's great!

Image of Mark Warner

Mark Warner


Nothing, and i mean NOTHING, would warm the cockles of my heart more than two Democratic Senators from Virginia, with a nice popular Democratic governor, and ten electoral votes poised to switch to blueness. Mark Warner is a phenomenal candidate, and he's gonna be a GREAT Senator! Put your money behind a winner!

Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


Senatorial - Red Incumbent - Ted Stevens, running for a seventh term. Last elected with 78%, but has since been embroiled in a bribery scandal. Blue Challenger - Mark Begich. Anchorage's mayor, and son of Alaska's third Congressman, whose plane went down in 1972. Recent polls show the two trading places within the margin. Stevens has a significant dollar advantage, but, after 37 years in the Senate, there's only so many people left to introduce yourself to. It's going to come down to who controls the story and who gets the people to the polls.


Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen


Maine doesn't need Bush-enabling-Collins representing them... and, after next year, they won't have to have her. Tom Allen is going to be the next Senator from the Great State of Maine... contribute early to his victory!

Image of Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson


You know as well as I do that the Republicans are going to come after Tim Johnson with everything they've got. Give what you can to help defray the cost of maintaining this seat.

Image of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley


Oregon's been trending blue for quite a while now, and it's time that their representation reflected it. Jeff Merkley is a strong progressive candidate who will unseat a Bush-enabler-posing-as-a-moderate.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Al Franken in the Senate. Progressive. Comedian. And someone who will work tirelessly to piss off the right wing fascists. Go AL!

Image of Larry LaRocco

Larry LaRocco


If you haven't been following all the fun in Idaho over the past few months, you've missed a show. First there was the Larry Grant assault on ID-1, then there was the Larry Craig "I am not gay" incident... and now Larry LaRocco!

Honestly, this is as good a shot we've had at a Senate seat in Idaho in a generation. Don't let the opportunity go by to give some scratch to a great candidate!

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


It's going to take a special kind of Democrat to take a Senate seat in Texas. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present... Lt. Col. Rick Noriega!!

Image of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice


If we're going to fight for every seat, let's fight for every seat. Oklahoma has been afflicted with the service of Senator Inhofe for just too long. This is an uphill race... but just at the beginning... then it's going to get very interesting.

Image of Greg Stumbo

Greg Stumbo


I think Mith McConnell's days are numbered if we get a serious candidate, and Stumbo's a serious candidate! A state-wide office holder already, we know the guy can win state-wide races, and won't it be nice to have an AG on _our_ side in the Senate? Stumbo may not be the last guy in the race, but he's the guy I'm picking to go all the way!

Image of Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu


The surest way to protect our majority is to protect our weakest seats, and that means Mary Landrieu. Look. She's not the most liberal Dem there is, but the Republican who would replace her would be free to be the most conservative Republican there is. We've got to fight to keep this seat!

AK-AL Democratic Nominee Fund


This seat is currently held by Don Young (R). Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection.

Congressional - There is one really big Congressional District AK-AL - Red Incumbent - Don Young, runnning for his 18th term. Last election with 57%. Since then, has been the focus for corruption probes. He faces primary challengers Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell and state Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux. On our side are Ethan Berkowitz, the 2006 Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor and 2006 candidate Diane Benson, who got 40% of the vote last time. Primary election day is 8/26, and if it comes down to money, it's going to be Young v Berkowitz, but it doesn't really matter, because, according to all the polls I've seen, whoever the Dem is beats whoever the reddie is.

Blue Pickup!

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey


Helping Betsy Markey beat homophobe extraordinaire Marilyn Musgrave would be great even if Betsy Markey was a mediocre candidate. Fortunately, she's a good candidate, a good progressive, with solid private and public sector service. Oh. And it would be great to beat extraordinaire Marilyn Musgrave!

Image of Baron Hill

Baron Hill


Ah, the eternal grudge match. Baron Hill against Mike Sodrel in IN-9. This is an incredible thing. For the past four cycles, these two guys have been passing IN-9 back and forth between them. Mike Sodrel thinks that he'll win again in '08... but he never figured on us! Throw the Baron some lovin!

Image of Nancy Boyda

Nancy Boyda


If there's any seat the reddies want back, it's this one. Nancy Boyda. Proud Democrat from Kansas. Give the lady some lovin!

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Larry Kissell. Very nearly the closest race in the country last cycle between some no-name school teacher and some entrenched incumbent. The DCCC may have laughed last time, but nobody's laughing now.

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown nearly beat the ethically-challenged Doolittle last time... This time, it's gonna be a rout!

Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Help Eric Massa convert what's left of the red Northeast... there's not much less, and Eric's a great candidate.

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