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Tomorrow begins today. And amazingly, 2008 begins today.

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John Edwards


"First, let me say that I was an Edwards supporter in 2004, and had the honor of representing him as a grassroots delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. The big-picture reason why I supported Edwards last time is still true: He knows where he came from, where he's going, and where he will lead the country. He has a cohesive vision for the country, concrete plans for how to make that vision a reality, and the deep-seated moral drive to fight for his vision. The country in his vision is one I'd like to live in: one that cares for the least among us, with the resources for all Americans to get ahead, not just get by. A country with the respect of the world, trusted as a leader. I'm pleased that nothing Edwards has done in the intervening years has broken my trust in the strength of this vision."

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Pasadena Young Democrats

Pasadena Young Democrats works to increase involvement by young professionals from Pasadena and the rest of the San Gabriel Valley in the political process.


"We've seen this show before, a press that is abusive and unprofessional to progressives. Every dollar you give will be used to organize against journalists and elected officials who regurgitate right-wing spin."

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