Contribute Now to Retiring Ass Clown Joe Wilson (aka, guy who yelled "You lie" at Obama)

by John Hlinko (Left Take)


If you watched President Obama's speech to Congress, chances are you thought he did a great job. Chances are you nodded your head a bunch as he explained the rationale for health care reform.

And chances are you heard an ass clown shout, "you lie" right in the middle of it.

That ass clown is Congressman Joe Wilson (AC-SC). An ass clown of epic proportions. An ass clown behaving like one of those loony teabaggers at a town hall meeting -- but doing it in the halls of Congress.

Fortunately, progressives have already responded, big time -- by donating more than $100,000 to Wilson's opponent, Democrat Rob Miller (an Iraq War veteran, and a great, great candidate, even if he weren't running against an ass clown)

Join in, make a donation to Miller, and help us remove ass clowns from Congress, one ass clown at a time.

Image of Rob Miller

Rob Miller