Contribute Now to The America Votes Action Fund

by America Votes Action Fund


The countdown is on. Election Day is right around the corner.

For our part, America Votes will continue to what we do best: coordinate the campaign activities of our national and state partners to move and motivate individual voters who will make the difference in key battleground states.

The choices voters face this November could not be more stark. The decisions that are made at the ballot box will be a statement about who we are as a country.

Do we value the working class heroes of the middle class, or are we a country by and for the 1 percenters?

As you know, a strong progressive network is critical to achieving electoral success for Democrats this fall.

Therefore, I ask you to make another contribution to America Votes Action Fund today. This year is too important.

Your generosity will help us most effectively challenge a radical Republican movement bent on denying hard-fought rights and favoring the wishes of the wealthy over the needs of middle class Americans. With your help, America Votes Action Fund and our partners can remain an effective force for change.

America Votes Action Fund