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by MAQ


Say goodby to our stinky friend, Rick Renzi (R)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (aka #13 on C.R.E.W.'s 'Most Corrupt Politicians in America', list) Who just announced he will NOT be seeking re-election.

This is Blues chance to put a real Progressive in his place.

District 1 has a breathtaking environment and wonderfully diverse population. We're also a fast growing area requiring steady and balanced leadership. After talking to many in my district, they're excited and ready to hand the reins over to a Democrat1

Rick Renzi (R), the #13 most corrupt politician in America after his very first term in office, represented and took orders from Tom Delay, the coal industry, land developers and bankers. And thanks to the Bush Justice Dept.,and the firing of Arizona's US Attorney, Renzi remained in office. Renzi's 'values' just left the building in an FBI box.

I' m proud to introduce Howard Shanker. After researching his background, he has a proven track record, here in this community, as a family man living and actively participating in his community, and, as an attorney running a small business and representing our values.

A perfect candidate ideally suited for and representative of the very district and community he intends to represent in Washington.

With a large Native American population, Howard currently represents the Navajo Nation, the White Mountain Apache Tribe, the Yavapai-Apache Tribe, the Havasupai Tribe, the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity (“Center”) in their efforts to stop the use of reclaimed waste water on the sacred and environmentally sensitive San Francisco Peaks. In addition to being a Member of The Shanker Law Firm, Howard is an adjunct professor at the Ariz. State Univ. College of Law where he teaches courses in environmental litigation and environmental justice. Howard recently completed a three-year term on the U.S. EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, Enforcement Subcommittee.

As the son of a former WW11 veteran, Howard also has the right plan for Iraq:

" “The character of our involvement in Iraq must change. We need to develop a responsible exit-plan that will bring our troops home safely. We must replace our current military posture with an international effort to rebuild their war torn country. We need to negotiate a political solution to the current morass.”

Howard has the whole communtiy excited ! Make this new Arizona district not just blue, but progressive too!

Image of Howard Shanker

Howard Shanker