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Backbone Minnesota, founded in 2005, covers the most important races in the state of Minnesota. Backbone Minnesota also looks to promote candidates who have the courage of their convictions and will never stand down from the good fight. The candidates listed below have been carefully evaluated and hand-selected as to assure maximum use of your contribution.

Image of Tim Walz

Tim Walz


“People have been really impressed with him, plus people are paying attention because he’s in a district that has been substantially changing. His district has become a lot more attractive to Democrats.” - Roll Call

Tim Walz is running in a rural swing district against a Republican rubber-stamp. This race is a must-win if Democrats want to take back the House of Representatives.

Walz has what it takes to win: authenticity, leadership, and courage.

In Congress, Walz will lead the good fight on health care reform, education, and the War in Iraq.

A win for Walz is a win for the netroots.

"Walz talks populism in a district where you gotta talk to the people. He is by far the best candidate to take on Gutknecht. Gil is in for one helluva fight." - Mr. Populist

Image of Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie

MN-Sec State

Mark Ritchie has pledged his life to Democracy. Now make a pledge to his campaign. This race is for the heart of Minnesota. Ritchie has shown that he has a backbone time on the issues that matter to progressives. No other candidate for statewide office is more deserving than Mark.

Steve Kelley


Steve Kelley is the candidate that the Netroots need to unite around. The gubernatorial primary is a battle for the soul of the DFL Party. It is time to break the Old Guard's stranglehold on the DFL Governor's race. It is time to put a Democrat back in the Governor's mansion.

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