Contribute Now to In My Backyard

by Chris Bowers


No matter where you live, the fifty-state strategy starts at home. If Democrats and progressives are going to build a truly national movement, we are going to need a presence in every state, every district, every county, every town, and every precinct. Even without the fifty-state strategy, home is where the heart is. Helping to bring about progressive change in your local area is perhaps the most powerful experience known to political activism, since then you know you have given back the people and the places that you have grown to love. It makes politics les abstract and bloodless, since you live next to the people you are working to help. This is why, during the final four weeks of the campaign, I want to help Democrats win back House seats in the areas where I have lived.

I grew up in Central and Western New York. For the past nine years, I have lived in the Philadelphia area. These two regions alone account for seven serious challenges to Republican-held seats. If Democrats win my home region, they will also win the House. From my perspective, it is just as important to know that a difference will be made for my family and friends, for my neighbors and colleagues, for the people I pass on the street and sit next to when I ride the bus.

Over the next four weeks, I will be focusing my district-level writing and activism on these seven seats. Please, help me take back my backyard by donating your time and money to these great candidates. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same thing wherever you live. The best place to give your time and energy is in your own backyard.

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