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by David Bailey


This is the 21st Century...isn't it? There should be no place for racism in our society, much less our government. The Republicans are hell bent on making President Obama look bad at all cost. They are completely willing to sacrifice our country by doing everything they can to obstruct him from bringing this country out of the mess and near economic disaster the BUSH administration's stupidity and greed created.

Factions within the Republican Party are showing up at events where Obama is giving speeches with guns. Others in the party are claiming he's not a citizen of the United States. Others are claiming he's not our legitimate President. Members of the Republican party are flat out lying about the health care proposals. They're flat out lying and making claims that the health care reforms contain 'Death Panels' and other absurd and outrageous lies in an all out attempt to confuse the American puplic and protect the huge and wealthy Insurance companies.

After Wilson's complete and total disrespect for our President by calling him a liar in front of the whole world I realized that it's time to stop avoiding the truth. The Republican party has been taken over by extremists who are obstructionist idiots, and racists. We as Americans need to ensure that the Republicans are held to the same standards and criticisms that they imposed on people during the Bush Administration. Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they criticized Bush? Remember Bill Mahr being fired when he was critical of Bush? Remember Dan Rather of CBS being fired because he did a report on Bush that ended up not being completely factual? Watch five minutes of "Fixed News" and you'll hear more lies against Obama than you can count. Can you imagine what would have happened if a Democratic Politician had yelled "you lie" at Bush during one of his speeches before Congress?

We we have got to take a stand, and do everything we can to make sure that HR Wilson is voted out of office. We need to send a message to the Republicans that we're tired of their hypocriciy, and we're not going to let them continue to get away with it. We need to donate what ever we can to candadite Miller to help him defeat HR Wilson in the next election. Please make a donation, no matter how much it is, every penny counts.

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