Contribute Now to Tammy Baldwin - DC

by Jason Gromley, Bob Suarez, Marian Lowe, Bailey Childers, and Beth Swickard


Throughout her career, Tammy Baldwin has been a tireless leader in Wisconsin. She is running for United States Senate to continue to fight for jobs and stand up for the middle class. We support Tammy because she is one of the few members of Congress who truly cares about the issues that impact the middle class on a daily basis, and has been a tireless champion for these issues in the House of Representatives. We need more leaders like Tammy in the Senate!

Tammy will be the first openly LGBT Senator, the first female Senator elected from Wisconsin, and will help make the US Senate more representative of our nation as a whole. Please help us make history!

You can learn more about Tammy at her website

Image of Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin