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Image of Steve Pougnet

Steve Pougnet


Steve Pougnet is the Mayor of Palm Springs, CA and running in one of the most competitive House races this cycle. Steve would be the first married, openly gay dad elected to Congress- a milestone for the LGBT community and an important way to build pro-equality support among House members. As Mayor and an outdoorsman, he's worked to build clean and renewable energy projects in Palm Springs, married more same-sex couples than any other Mayor in California prior to Prop 8, and balanced budgets. Endorsed by Democracy for America, Steve is a strong progressive who as the son of a nurse and a physician supports a health care public option, will work to build support for climate change legislation, and opposes troop buildup in Afghanistan.

Steve is running against Mary Bono Mack, a Republican incumbent who masquerades as pro-LGBT but voted against repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, refuses to take a position on Prop 8, refuses to co-sponsor or say how she'll vote on ENDA, and supported the Largent Amendment to ban same-sex adoption in DC.

Help take down a faux-moderate Republican, and bring the first married gay dad to Congress to advocate for LGBT rights, by chipping in to support Steve's campaign today.

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)


Alan Grayson is a new progressive leader in the House. A freshman Democrat in a swing district, Grayson was a Better Democrat back in 2008, and he was also an original signer of The Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.

Grayson has hired Open Left co-founder, and former BlogPac President, Matt Stoller, to work with him in Congress. Anyone so willing to work with the netroots and help, as Matt said, "solve the rootsgap," is exactly the sort of progressive we need in the House.

Image of Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak


Primary campaigns have consistently proven to be the best means available for the progressive grassroots to push the Democratic Party to the left, and no example of this is better than Joe Sestak vs. Arlen Specter. as Nate Silver has recently shown, Sestak's potential primary challenge has pushed Specter into the Democratic camp on 97% of all votes, up from only 16% of the time in the month before Specter’s switch.

Among prominent Pennsylvania Democrats, only Representative Joe Sestak has demonstrated a willingness to challenge the Democratic establishment on their choice of Arlen Specter. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that.

Joe Sestak is much more progressive than Arlen Specter according to all voting scorecards from 2007-2009. Further, Representative Sestak is the most hardworking and dedicated campaigner I have ever met. For example, his congressional office handles more than three times as many constituent case files--10,000--than the next highest member of Congress.

This campaign has already demonstrated real results, and has the potential to demonstrate a lot more. Contribute to Joe Sestak today, and make an immediate change in Washington, D.C.

Image of PCCC - Progressive Change Campaign Committee

PCCC - Progressive Change Campaign Committee

The PCCC is a vital new piece of progressive infrastructure, run by former MoveOn staff, union organizers, staff from Darcy Burner and Tom Perriello’s 2008 House campaigns, and the co-inventor of RSS and Reddit. It will be expanding it's work very soon to help progressive candidates not just with online strategy, but also field, media, and other elements of a campaign. This will help more progressive candidates run more effective campaigns -- and win!

Giving to the PCCC helps your donations to progressive candidates become more effective. We need this new organization to have the resources they need to start helping progressive candidates early in the 2010 cycle.


Over the past four years, BlogPAC has continuously supported the organizations, candidates, individuals and ideas that are building the progressive movement.

From a fifty-state blog strategy, to funding new progressive infrastructure, to freezing out Fox News in Democratic debates, to Use it Or Lose It, to Googlebomb the Elections, to Personal Paid Media, to Netroots Heroes, to Donna Edwards, to superdelegate transparency, to holding Bush Dogs accountable and now to monitoring progressive legislation that has been stuck in congressional committees, BlogPAC works to build the movement in any way we can.

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