Contribute Now to berkeleymcnerney

by garth_schultz


Here in Berkeley, and in the east bay in general, we have the relative luxury of representatives who, for the most part, are in line with our progressive interests. Because we reside in congressional districts where progressive causes are not at significant risk, we believe that it is important to focus our efforts on defeating Richard Pombo this election year – through volunteering, fundraising, and outreach efforts highlighting Pombo’s bad record, and supporting the campaign of progressive candidate Jerry McNerney.

Recommended Contribution: $50-$500 dollars (for a single contribution), or $20-$50 dollars per month.

Remember: it's only money - it lasts a short time anyway - whereas the effects of decisions made by corrupt politicians like Richard Pombo will last for generations. Please give generously.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Contribute here if you want McNerny to have money for his Primary Campaign.