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by Todd

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I love the new ad from people-powered Texas Senate candidate Rick Noriega.

First, he does shy away from Hurricane Katrina. I feel like too many have brushed this episode under the rug, but Noriega remembers that the wounds are still raw and points out that he did all he could to help.

Second, there are two great lines that are totally dog-whistle politics to me:

America is not afraid.

We will use our strength to build a lasting peace, in place of never-ending war.

The first line is a direct repudiation of the "Fear Itself" politics coming from George Bush and his Republican cronies. The second is a too-rare example of a politician using the word "peace." As an honest-to-god pacifist, that does it for me.

Anyway, I was so impressed, that I gave $10 to his ActBlue page. I think you should to. Noriega faces a well-financed primary challenger, so every little bit will help put the race on a level playing field.

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