Contribute Now to Fund Bill Halter's Run Off - June 8th

by Julian Miller


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We got Lt. Gov. Halter to run, promising our support in any way we could should he take the plunge. Now he's dealt Senator Lincoln a stunning blow in the primary and we can rid the Senate of her once and for all!

My Original Letter to Bill Halter
Dear Lt. Governor Halter,

I would first like thank you for your time as a public servant. As a current student studying Political Science, I hope to someday provide for the people of my state the same type of leadership you valiantly provide the citizens of the “Land of Opportunity”.

I write to you today to echo the sentiments of progressives all across our great nation – to ask that you challenge incumbent United States Senator Blanche Lincoln for the Democratic nomination in your great state. I admire your ability to foresee the enormous mistake the ongoing war in Iraq would be, your support for rights of the LGBT community in your state and your overall fervent adherence to populist, progressive principles. However, I differ from my counterparts in why I make this request of you – I believe you would be an excellent voice in the United States Senate in your own right. I hope that you answer this call because of your own credentials and record, not simply because you offer our party the best chance of retaining that seat. Simply put, I support you because you are Bill Halter, not because you aren’t Blanche Lincoln.

If the defeat of our party’s nominee in the special election last week [at the time the letter was written] in Massachusetts showed us anything, it’s that we have to stick to our guns. Twenty-two percent of the voters who voted for change in the 2008 presidential election voted for the Republican nominee not as a rejection of liberal principles, but in angst of the principles that have yet to be implemented. November does not have to be the apocalypse the pundits and the right claim it will be for our party. Lt. Governor Halter, your party, your state and your country need you, and I hope that you will answer my call and the call of many across our great country.

Image of Bill Halter

Bill Halter