Contribute Now to Time for Change in SC - Blaine Lotz for Congress

by Chuck Zapiec & Mary Roberts


Had Enough?

Time for a change?

Let's defeat the "do nothing Congressman", Joe Wilson!

Joe Wilson has had 6 years to do something about Illegal Immigration in South Carolina and he has failed to do anything. Joe Wilson has had 6 years to do something about securing our borders between Mexico and the United States and he has done nothing. Joe Wilson has had 6 years to do something about ending the war in Iraq and all he does is follow W. Joe Wilson has had 8 years to do something about Health Insurance for all South Carolinians, and you guessed it, he has done nothing!

What did you expect from the "do nothing Congressman"?

Why not replace Joe Wilson, the "do nothing Congressman", with a man who has spent his entire career doing something for our Country - Blaine Lotz - Mr. Lotz had a 26 year military career in the US Air Force, retiring as a colonel, and a 17 year civilian career, culminating his service at the highest level of the Senior Executive Service (SES). He was appointed in 1998 as Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight by former Secretary Cohen.

Blaine Lotz is willing to do something about Illegal Immigration, securing our Borders, ending the Iraq War and finding a way to bring proper Health Insurance to each South Carolinian.

Out! "the do nothing Congressman" - Joe Wilson

In! Blaine Lotz for Congress!

SC-02 Democratic Nominee Fund


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