Contribute Now to Bloggers for Field

by VA Bloggers


The Virginia blogosphere recognizes that “clicks don’t vote”, voters in fact vote. That is why we have created this page, to help harness our on-line energy, and take it off-line. Every dollar donated to this page will be an earmarked donation with 100 Percent going to Field activities. The first $4,000 will go towards hiring a new field organizer, and the rest to be used as the campaign sees fit, with the understanding that it must be used for voter contact, or other field activities.

For $4,000 the campaign could send out about 1000 pieces of mail, maybe persuading 30 voters, or the money could be used to hire a field organizer which between Sept 15th and Nov 8th, can recruit hundreds of volunteers, persuade thousands more and turn them all out to vote for the Democratic slate in 2006.

We have picked Andrew Hurst, because the Hurst campaign is doing almost all of the field work for Webb in the 11th District, and as such, your donation to the Hurst Campaign will benefit both campaigns.

Image of Andrew Hurst

Andrew Hurst


Andrew Hurst has been knocking on doors with teams of volunteers since AUGUST 2005. The Hurst campaign understands the importance of field, and as such, Andrew Hurst would "lend" his volunteers to various House of Delegate campaigns through 2006 such as Dave Marsden and Greg Werkheiser. Now it's time for Virginia to return the favor. If you're able to Volunteer please do so. Or you can contribute money, so that the Hurst campaign can hire a new field organizer who can find volunteers in the community.